• Georgia Riedel

Two Common Triggers Of Anxiety, Fear, And Panic :

I think that most people do not realize the many and varied things that can trigger anxiety, fear, and panic. I believe, and many professionals agree, that those prone to anxiety are born with an overly sensitive nervous and biochemical system. The result is that our systems are preset and ready to go off like an explosion in places and situations where a more normal and calm system would react less dramatically. What usually sets off this extreme reaction is a trigger. This trigger is like a switch that turns on or intensifies your reaction to a certain place, or situation.

Food: Most, if not all, people with high anxiety levels have over stressed immune systems, and will react to certain foods in a negative way. I also believe that once a person has discovered which foods he is sensitive to, the elimination of these foods from the diet will help to reduce the trigger

Caffeine: I believe that caffeine is one of the more prevalent triggers for anxiety, and there are many articles confirming this fact. One of the explanations is that caffeine is thought to produce activating effects by blocking receptors in the brain which receive adenosine, a brain chemical which is a naturally occuring sedative. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea,colas, and being the most common for triggering anxiety and panic because so many people consume so much of it every day.

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