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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to THRIVE"

Maya Angelou

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The Book

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Beyond Agoraphobia

This guidebook is intended to help and aid those who suffer from anxiety, fear, and panic attacks.

Beyond Agoraphobia includes an effective and proven recovery method including specific techniques to help you conquer stress, anxiety, fear, and panic attacks.

"As someone who suffered from the devastating symptoms of agoraphobia for more then thirty years before a complete and full recovery, I know how difficult and challenging it can be to turn your life around. However, I not only believe its possible I know its
possible, and so do my clients who made the decision to embrace.. the positive and proven recovery program included in this book that helped them and will help you recover from the terrifying symptoms of agoraphobia. Start living the life you desire!" Georgia Riedel


About Georgia

Author, Consultant, Retired Business Owner, Recovered Agoraphobic

After being hospitalized for Agoraphobia in her 30s and almost losing her family, Georgia began utilizing techniques for positive thinking and living that fueled her recovery. Georgia then took her experience, knowledge, & passion for helping others to create Positive Lifestyles Inc. where she helped clients suffering with agoraphobia, panic attacks, and anxiety to move beyond their suffering and begin to live the life they truly desired. During this time Georgia was a featured speaker for mental health and agoraphobic issues in her community. In 1992 Georgia wrote her first guidebook to assist those who were suffering with agoraphobia and panic attacks. Utilizing her experience and success Georgia managed and grew a successful franchise business for 20 years until her retirement.  Georgia lives with her loving and supportive husband, Walter, in Kitchener, Ontario and enjoys continuing to assist those in her community to live happier, healthier, positive focused lives.

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‘Its a wonderful feeling, after four months of practicing your coping skills and techniques I am now able to take control of my life again.’

Joanne M.

“Your message was deeply challenging and inspiring to all of us, your comments were enough to stimulate the group to  embrace your system and incorporate it as the focus of the groups own progress for recovery "

Canadian Mental Health Association

"I was on the verge of terror constantly and could not find any way out. I heard of Georgia’s program and after six months I no longer have the terror or panic attacks I once had."


‘Over the period of years I have seen psychiatrists and psychologists..however, because of Georgia’s own experience I find her method much more effective and lasting.”


“My relationship with Georgia Riedel over the past two years has been one of the most positive influences contributing to my recovery, more so then any psychiatrists, private therapists or any day groups I have dealt with.



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